why I paint




I paint because to do so produces in me a state of enchantment: I try to fly, to dream, to float, and by losing my individual consciousness; I become the soul revealed in the object painted.

It is like a catharsis process in which I sink deep into the depths, into the mysterious abyss of the ocean, like a blooming white water lily at night, and I feel like the wings of her petals. All this puts me in a state of joy and pain, enlightens me, connects me to the All, although I shouldn’t look at my creation, paint and paint again.
I paint and write to have a dialogue with myself, as Virginia Wolf did it with her “prose-fiction”. It is a vital expression, transporting me to the mystical world, like a magic bridge.

Throughout this process, I come to the conclusion that the basic essentials of reality are in Poetry and the Invisible, the fountain of the visible, the ultimate truth of the miracle of life and the magic of the universe. So I can only be a transmissions vehicle. Art, poetry and painting become a kind of priesthood, a sacred ordeal to connect me with the eternal soul of the world.

Accordingly, I put so many things in my canvasses: broken glasses, silver pieces, coral shells, little starfishes… things that I find and keep like treasures with fascination, because they are part of the beauty of Nature., a beauty which is disappearing and dying nowadays. I feel like the swan, singing his last song while trying to defend itself from the waning moon.

But the moon -the inspiration, the muse- comes back, like a miracle, and I can see how from these broken and diluted world Beauty comes to life again , and me with it, weightless.

While I am painting , I get the sensation of losing myself ,of belonging to the painting or the poem which is being painted or written, as if I don’t exist beyond the picture or the poem.

So all leaves are dark and heavy, and I’m just a spiritual part of the world, inserted in the All, and all acquires a subtle, weightless and mystic permanence.

I never think about how other people see my poems or pictures, even when trying to sell my art work: it is wealth by itself. And I see the painting like a poem. So I evaluate the mystic and religious experience inside this process.

I experience the process like an act of love, of connection to the Beauty.

Beauty, creation, and music become all the same pulsation and desire. It is like diving in the surf of the sea with its rhythmic cadences while the music comes from its center feeling that being just a drop of water, it is possible to be the entire ocean: you are the ocean.

Inma Rosillo-Daoiz